SMMs(straight male Mensans) and other brainy varieties...

SMMs(straight male Mensans) and other brainy varieties regularly advertise in the personals column of LAment magazine, the high-IQ society’s publication.

But Sara Meric of West L.A. noticed a new type of seeker in a recent edition--a cat owner who said she is looking for “a highly intelligent male feline to impregnate our Mensa-level queen. Breed not important, but brains and good disposition are.”

The owner, Jenny M., told us that Cosima, her cat, is mentally superior to other tabbies because she’s “inquisitive at all times. If you throw a sponge ball across the room, she’ll fetch it like a dog. And if she’s playing with an object and it slides under an open door, she will walk around and get it. Most cats will lie down like fools and try to fish it out.”

It seems a shame, then, to report that Jenny M. has yet to hear from a matchmaker for clever Cosima, partly she suspects out of prejudice over Cosima’s undocumented bloodlines.


What’s worse, we don’t know of any genius cats’ sperm banks in the area.

LAment also announces, by the way, that plans are under way for a Men of Mensa Calendar. Talk about sex appeal! We hope that applicants remember not to submit photos of themselves wearing plastic pen-holders in their shirt pockets, tape on their eyeglasses, or unmatching socks.

The 1992 presidential race is really starting to heat up, now. Rock singer / guitarist Joe Walsh, who lost to Ronald Reagan (and even Jimmy Carter) in the 1980 White House race, said in Beverly Hills that he has lowered his sights and will run for vice president next year.

This only adds to the excitement generated by the announced campaigns of two local presidential hopefuls, ex-Gov. Jerry (Gov. Moonbeam) Brown and former Irvine Mayor Larry Agran. (No doubt we’ll be hearing soon from comic Pat Paulsen too.)


Walsh admitted he’d have a better chance against President Bush’s running mate. “What’s Dan Quayle done for you lately?” he asked.

You can almost hear Walsh’s former band-mates, the Eagles, singing:

Desperado, why don’t you come to your senses?

Michael Zorek of West L.A. sent along a flyer for the 1991 Fall Film Retrospective at the AMC Century 14 Theaters, which lists some big--and misspelled--names, including:


Yvetta Mimieux (“The Time Machine”), Nataliw Wood (“Brainstorm”), Claude Raws (“The Prince and the Pauper”), Julia Christie (“Doctor Zhivago”) and Christopher Walden (“Brainstorm”).

A regular Who’s . . . Who?


Commercial grapes are grown on four acres in L.A. County, compared to more than 200,000 in Fresno County.