High Life / A WEEKLY FORUM FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS : Irvine Unit Shines at Convention

Irvine’s University High School, with the second largest Junior Classical League chapter in the United States (231 students) turned in a strong showing in August at the 38th annual national convention in Atlanta.

University’s Laura Weinert finished third in the poster competition, and the school’s chapter was third in scrapbook and 11th in publicity. Marina High of Huntington Beach won several individual swimming awards, and the combined California delegation finished first in volleyball.

“As the Fates decreed, the trip was a tremendous success for the California delegation,” said Robert Hwang, a senior at University. “It was all worth it because it was a lot of fun.”

The five-day convention was attended by 1,645 student members from more than 40 states. California was represented by 101 delegates, 39 from Orange County high schools. The other county schools represented were Canyon, Corona del Mar, Dana Hills, Edison, Mater Dei, Newport Harbor, Santa Margarita, St. Margaret’s, Sunny Hills, Troy and Woodbridge.


JCL boasts a national membership of 54,164 students.

California will play host to its third national JCL convention next summer at San Diego State. State board members include president Tracie Whitman (Woodbridge), corresponding secretary Terrie Whitman (Woodbridge) and Southern representative Sandra Au (Marina).

“The California JCL members and teachers from Orange County want this to be a most outstanding convention in the history of the national organization,” said Les Johnson, University’s Latin teacher and chairman for the 1992 national convention.

“Veni, vidi, Visa. (We came, we saw, we went shopping.)”

--Jan Barrett