Debbie Gibson's Way

I had the privilege of seeing Debbie Gibson perform Aug. 25 at the Celebrity Theatre. However, I know that there are many who don't like her music, and I'm the first to admit that there are singer-songwriters who are more talented and popular than Gibson. So be it.

In spite of this, one main reason so many people, including myself, admire Gibson is her wonderful personality. Gibson possesses many benevolent qualities and religious attributes that so many performers lack these days. She has a positive attitude toward life and showcases it by entertaining her audience without needing to be controversial or tasteless. These traits make Gibson so appealing to those who want a positive role model.

My message is that those who may be more talented and popular than she can learn a lesson from her on how to be successful and enjoy life without having to be conceited, greedy, use drugs, alcohol or violate laws. Gibson is more than just a performer; she's like a good friend who brings happiness to everyone around her.



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