It Wasn't Malibou Lake

Good reporters check out their facts before going to press, especially if the article is demanding and libelous.

Your reporter was referring to a community known as Malibou Lakeside, not Malibou Lake, which is a separate community.

Malibou Lake is a privately owned corporation that serves as a residential recreational area for 128 members. We own 260 acres that surround a beautiful 50-acre lake in a mountainous setting with lots of trees.

We enjoy our way of life and feel fortunate to live outside of the dissension described in your article. Nor are we aware of "Zorro" letters, unrest, building code violations, zoning violations or Bohemian lifestyles.

None of the people named in your article are members or reside at Malibou Lake. Your referral to a group of motley homes we consider libelous.

As a member of Las Virgenes Homeowners Assn., we do not oppose reasonable development within the guidelines of the county's master plan.



McLaughlin is president of the Malibou Lake Mountain Club.

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