It Will Be Twins Against Twins Once This Bowl Matchup Starts

Ready for another bowl game? The nation’s two largest cereal makers are really going to dish it out to try to capitalize on the Minnesota Twins’ victory in the World Series.

Kellogg Co., based in Battle Creek, Mich., has announced that it will put the likeness of Tony the Tiger wearing a Twin uniform on boxes of Frosted Flakes. Tony will be opposed at the palate by General Mills Inc., based in Golden Valley, Minn., which plans a Wheaties box with Kent Hrbek and Kirby Puckett swinging bats.

Tony the Tiger vs. the Breakfast of Champions--now that’s a rivalry you can really sink your teeth into.

Trivia time: In 4 1/2 seasons under Coach Larry Smith, USC is 28-5-2 against Pacific 10 opponents, but what is the Trojans’ record against nonconference teams?


No Bull: The cover of the official calendar of the NBA champion Chicago Bulls has a picture of the team in the Forum locker room celebrating their Game 5 victory over the Lakers in the 1991 NBA finals.

But there’s someone out of place. Who’s that guy in the far left of the picture? It’s Magic Johnson, busy hugging Michael Jordan.

No kidding: And speaking of covers, the front of the Washington State basketball media guide has a familiar picture--two UCLA players standing around watching a guy on the other team make a layup.

FYI: Just in case you’re keeping score at home, the major league baseball season begins on April 6, only 158 more days.


FYI II: For what it’s worth, Basketball Weekly picks the Portland Trail Blazers as the best team in the NBA, ahead of the Bulls. The Lakers are No. 3, the Clippers No. 18 and the Denver Nuggets No. 27 and last.

Dunk this: UCLA basketball player Ed O’Bannon, who sat out last season because of knee surgery and still isn’t cleared for all practices, won the slam dunk contest on Fan Appreciation Day last Sunday at Pauley Pavilion.

Is this par? In the last threesome for the final round of the Security Pacific Senior PGA tournament at Rancho Park were cigar smokers Dick Rhyan and Larry Laoretti and cigarette smoker John Brodie. The tournament is sponsored by Centinela Hospital Medical Center.

No silent Knight: Coach Bob Knight of Indiana, whose Hoosiers will open the season against UCLA on Nov. 15 at Springfield, Mass., doesn’t agree with media types who at a Big Ten coaches’ luncheon picked his team to win the conference title. Did you expect him to?

“The people picking are the same ones who picked Michigan State last year,” Knight said.

The Spartans finished in a tie for third place in the Big Ten last season.

Wholly Knight: After making his remarks at the luncheon, Knight left even though the program wasn’t over and three other coaches had yet to speak.

Name game: Chris Jackson of the Nuggets, who converted to Islam during the summer, has changed his name to Mahmoud Abdul Rauf. But Jackson is still using his given name for basketball.


House of usher: Leo Pasman was an usher in the south end zone when Notre Dame Stadium opened in 1930 and Knute Rockne was coach. Pasman, 82, is still there, wearing his yellow jacket and cap in Section 19, and still answering the questions of fans.

“They always ask why the tickets are so much,” Pasman said. “I tell them they should have bought them when Rockne was here.”

Trivia answer: 10-11 (0-5 against Notre Dame)

Quotebook: California junior tailback Russell White, on the resurgence of the Golden Bears, who before 1990 had not had a winning season since 1982: “I didn’t even know Cal’s colors till I got here.”