Ozzy, Tone and Barry: Three Slices of the Pop Life

What a singular study in contrast in the two facing pop singer profiles Oct. 20.

On the left, Ozzy Osbourne, mad drug- and alcohol-addicted rocker reputed (though you couldn't prove it by me !) to bite the heads off small animals during his frenzied performances. And on the right (in more ways than one), Barry Manilow, whose most banal pop trivia were always delivered with style, and whose third jazz-standards album, "Showstoppers," is a worthy successor to "2:00 A.M. Paradise Cafe" and "Swing Street."

Linda Ronstadt, Melissa Manchester, Toni Tennille, Carly Simon, Natalie Cole et al.--move over and make room for yet another convert to fine, quality popular music.


Rancho Mirage

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