Movie Makeovers


Of all the improve-your-relationship books that arrive by the ton in bookstores, Buzz likes this one best so far: “The Hollywood Principle” by Deborah Covino and Ken Roberts.

The authors propose that life imitate Hollywood. “Go to the movies” and apply the “messages of American movies to success in everyday life,” they write. They recommend boning up on “When Harry Met Sally,” “He Said, She Said” and “Murphy’s Romance” to get an idea of how couples relate.

We can think of some movies to avoid, unless you want to pattern your romance after George and Martha in “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” or Oliver and Barbara Rose in “The War of the Roses” or that fun duo, Bonnie and Clyde.

Of course, after a marathon of watching those films you might decide your significant other isn’t that bad, after all.


Clothes for Clubbing

While black will probably never die as the uniform of clubgoers, inroads are being made from other parts of the color spectrum. What seems on the cusp of making it big is Fresh Jive, a clothing line from a former graphics design major at Otis Art Institute of Parsons School of Design. The quilted hats, T-shirts and baggy jackets appear to have cross-over appeal--they’re turning up on everyone from skaters on the Venice Boardwalk to club deejays.

Founder Rick Klotz call his clothes “pretty raw streetwear, made by the same people who are wearing it. Everyone working with Jive is involved in the club scene, in music and the arts.”

While the colors might be one attraction, the loose-fit design corresponds with a trend that one woman summarizes as: “Comfy is the key in hipness.”


Warming Up Old Flames

ESSENTIALS/What you need to maneuver the L.A. scene: If you’re in the public eye and dating, it’s important that the person you’re seeing has a past.

No, not that kind of past; they must have suitable boyfriend/girlfriendography that includes having been with other celebs before you. For instance, any of Cher’s old boyfriends are hot properties, as are Warren Beatty’s or Jack Nicholson’s cast-offs. Also in high standing are old flames of Eddie Murphy, Mike Tyson, Madonna, Paula Abdul and Julia Roberts. It’s not just who you know, it’s who you date.