AQMD’s New Barbecue Standards

Under Rule 1174, adopted by the South Coast Air Quality Management District in October, 1990, emissions of smog-forming fumes (volatile organic compounds) from barbecue-lighting products must be limited to 0.02 pounds per start. Up to four tons of such VOCs are emitted on an average summer day, and about two tons daily during the winter in the four-county AQMD area. Four tons is about as much as a medium-sized oil refinery emits daily.

Natural gas and propane grills, chimney-type charcoal starters that use newspaper tinder and electric probes are exempt from the rule because they are much cleaner-burning.

Here is a list of the 20 products approved so far by the AQMD that meet the emissions standards:

* AOK Products--AOK Firelighters.


* Charcoal Master International--Charcoal Master.

* Classic Fuels--CRL’s Ultra Lite.

* Clorox--Kingsford BBQ Bag.

* Clorox--Kingsford Charcoal Lighter.


* Clorox--Kingsford Match Light.

* Diamond Brands--Supermatch.

* EEB Inc.--Navajo Charcoal Lighters.

* Garrut Manufacturing Corp.--Fire-Up Charcoal Lighter Fluid.


* Gelron Corp.--Enviro-Fuel with Hawaiian Fire Ring.

* Happy Jack Corp.--Happy Jack’s Bag Light.

* Hexacrop Inc.--Hexaflame Master Start.

* Lovoc Inc.--Bon Fire.


* Phillips 66--Soltrol 100.

* Pine Mountain Corp.--Fire Flakes.

* Reckitt & Colman Household Products--Wizard Charcoal Lighter Blocks.

* Seymour Manufacturing Co.--sold under seven labels.


* Two Trees Products--Easy Start Charcoal.

* Weber-Stephen Products Co.--Flamgo.

Source: South Coast Air Quality Management District