Judge Rules Against Pro-Choice Guide

From Associated Press

A judge issued a temporary restraining order to prevent further distribution of a voter guide designed for Republican women in San Diego County who support abortion rights.

The order, granted Wednesday by Superior Court Judge William Pate at the request of the local chapter of the Republican Party, came too late to prevent 150,000 copies of the 28-page pamphlet from arriving in mailboxes this week.

San Diego County Republican Party Executive Director Kevin Parriott said the party intends to file a civil lawsuit seeking at least $100,000 in damages from creators of the guide, which is titled “Voter Guide to Pro-Choice Republicans.”

The party alleges that the guide illegally uses a registered Republican elephant logo and fails to include disclaimers required by state law.


The guide’s creators contend that they followed the law.

The guide lists 38 local Republican candidates on the June 2 ballot who support abortion rights, including candidates for the county central committee, which sets policy for the local party.

Abortion rights supporters are fighting to gain control of the central committee, which since 1990 has been controlled by abortion foes.

One of the guide’s creators, John Kern, described the lawsuit as “Kevin Parriott and the right-wing wackos desperately trying to prevent the distribution of a pamphlet that clearly shows Republican voters who the pro-choice candidates are.”