Airport Noise Is No Secret

In reference to “Airport Neighbors Oppose Plan to Conduct Secret Route Tests” (Times Valley Edition, May 24), we were appalled and amused at the suggestion by the airport’s hired consultant.

The idea that “if complaints decrease during the (secret) test period, it would prove that the new routes are quieter than those now being used” is absurd. All it proves is that the large number of new people affected don’t know yet what is the most effective or even viable way to complain.

Similarly, saying that the solution to the Bull Creek route is simply flying “over Balboa Boulevard, thus burying the helicopter noise in the traffic noise below” is equally ludicrous. How can you solve the current problem of a small number of residents by dumping it on a much larger number?

Helicopter noise is indeed becoming a serious problem. Let’s hear the community’s voice in this matter and, please, no more “secret” solutions.