LIMBAUGH LETTERS : More Truths About . . . ?

I don't usually read Howard Rosenberg's column, but I do notice and read, with interest, articles about Rush Limbaugh ("The Devastating Truth About Rush Limbaugh on TV," Sept. 21). I had a smile on my face throughout the entire column, because I know how effective he is and how scared mindless liberals like Rosenberg are.

They've never had anyone so popular telling the other side . The right side, I might add.

Try to picture how it would feel if, for 20 years, all one ever saw or read was from people like Rush Limbaugh. Every movie, every TV show, every newscast, every newspaper article. Imagine how frustrated one would get.

That's how it's been for us for many, many years. Rosenberg and others like him are so angry with this man that they are writing and saying things that make them look like babbling babies.

Why does Limbaugh have the following he has? It's because this is the first time we, the majority, actually have been able to listen to a program with which we agree with 95% of what we hear. It validates us and gives us some hope that this country may not be completely lost after all.



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