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'The Chase' Outraces the Competition

It looks like the competition will be chasing Garth Brooks' "The Chase" for the next few months. Peter Gabriel's "Us" premiered at No. 2, but it's not likely to be a long-range challenger to Brooks' supremacy. Michael Bolton's "Timeless," which entered at No. 5, may be stronger competition in the long run. On the pop singles chart, Boyz II Men continued its reign with "End of the Road," while Madonna's single "Erotica" entered at No. 13.

* Sinead O'Connor's album is going in the other direction, slipping to No. 32 after debuting at No. 27. There could be a strong backlash based on her startling "Saturday Night Live" performance last week when she tore up a picture of Pope John Paul II.

Rank Rank 2 Weeks Last Weeks on the Week Ago Chart 1."The Chase," 1 ... 2 Garth Brooks 2."Us," Peter Gabriel ... ... 1 3."Some Gave All," 3 1 20 Billy Ray Cyrus 4."Unplugged," Eric Clapton 2 3 6 5."Timeless," ... ... 1 Michael Bolton 6. "Dirt," Alice in Chains ... ... 1 7."Ten," Pearl Jam 4 2 42 8."Beyond the Season," 5 4 6 Garth Brooks 9."What's the 411?," 9 6 10 Mary J. Blige 10."Singles," soundtrack 6 7 14 *"Am I Not Your Girl?," 27 ... 2 Sinead O'Connor

Source: Billboard/SoundScan

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