Stand-Up's a Joke

I agree with Rick VanderKnyff's observations on the sorry state of the local comedy club scene ("Stand-Up Downfall?" Calendar, Dec. 16). In the 1970s, I'd pay a $1 cover at the Comedy Store to see and hear the likes of David Letterman and Gabriel Kaplan, or an impromptu monologue by Richard Pryor.

Fast-forward to 1992 in Orange County. Now I'm forced to pay $10 for three no-name no-talents. One evening last month, the price was $15 to see a ventriloquist I had never heard of. Without regret, I didn't waste my money.

As I once heard someone say: "Twenty years ago there were 10 comedy clubs in the U.S. and 10 talented comedians. Now there are 100 comedy clubs and 10 talented comedians."


Anaheim Hills

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