VENTURA : 24-Hour Hot Line Gets $1,500 Grant

The Anger Management Hotline, which provides volunteers to counsel men who physically abuse their spouses, received a $1,500 grant from Bristol-Meyers/Squibb Co. for its work this week.

The 24-hour hot line, run by the Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence in Ventura, was awarded the grant on behalf of one of its volunteers, John Huxsol. Huxsol is an employee of Bristol-Meyers/Squibb.

"He has given back to the community many times over," said Jamie Leigh, the coalition's executive director.

The 19-month-old hot line is intended for men who have been convicted and sentenced to undergo counseling for physically abusing their wives or girlfriends. Abusers who have not been arrested or convicted of violence against women also can use the hot line.

The number is 805-656-4861.

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