While Cowboy owner Jerry Jones might have set a record for most interviews before a Super Bowl, Buffalo owner Ralph Wilson has remained in the background.

Wilson, however, has offered to address the Cowboys before today’s game.

“In 33 years I’ve given only one pep talk to the players,” Wilson said. “It was against the Titans in 1960, the former Jets. It was the fourth preseason game in Buffalo, and we were getting the heck beat out of us, 21-7.

“We had lost the first three preseason games and I had friends there who said, ‘Ralph, you’re down 21-7 to the Titans, the team is playing terrible, why don’t you go down and give the team a pep talk at halftime. You can’t do any worse.’


“I got pushed and shoved and finally I went down and gave them five minutes of the most inspirational, Knute Rockne-Vince Lombardi pep talk that anybody could give. And the final score was 51-7.

“If I can talk to the Cowboys, we might have a chance.”

Note to Jim Kelly, former University of Miami quarterback: Johnson is 5-0 in games against former Hurricane quarterbacks.

Johnson is 2-0 against Vinny Testaverde, 2-0 against Walsh and 1-0 against Bernie Kosar.

Buffalo Coach Marv Levy told the media this week that he enjoys listening to the big band sound of Glenn Miller.

“Glenn who?” Buffalo running back Thurman Thomas said.

Scott Norwood’s 47-yard field goal attempt to win Super Bowl XXV sailed wide to the right, and the New York Giants won, 20-19.

“I haven’t had any dreams about being (in)the same spot (as Norwood),” said Steve Christie, who replaced Norwood as the Bills’ kicker, “and I’m not going to. My mechanics--that’s my focus.”


Levy said that there is no change in his team’s injury status after the Bills conducted their final practice at the Rose Bowl on Saturday. Linebacker Cornelius Bennett is listed as probable despite a hamstring injury.

“There comes a time when you really can’t do more,” Levy said. “The players, they need the game.”

Asked if he has a way of judging if his team is ready to play, he said: “Yeah, yeah, I have a way of judging. When the game is over you look up at the scoreboard. That’s my way.”