Murphy as Mom: More Fiction Than Fact

Re “Is This Mom for Real?” (Jan. 20): I am a single working mom. Murphy Brown is not a typical single working mother. Not even close. She would be the same way even if she was married--a selfish, uncaring mother.

When I decided to become a single mother three years ago, I was living on a sailboat in Marina del Rey, working as a free-lance writer and photographer for yachting and tourist magazines and traveling to exotic ports.

I now have a beautiful daughter. I live in a condo in Encino. I work full time as a legal secretary, and my word processor is collecting dust.

But I don’t mind because in a few years my daughter will not need me in the way she does now.


Then, I will have the rest of my life to devote to my writing career.

I also think that the writers and producers of “Murphy Brown” are missing a huge opportunity to produce a show about single-working-motherhood.

There are hundreds of very funny anecdotes on being a single working mother.