COUNTYWIDE : Health Spa Owner Joins Fitness Panel

Sheila Cluff, owner of the Oaks at Ojai health spa, has been appointed by Gov. Pete Wilson to a newly formed state fitness council.

Cluff, 57, joins such luminaries as actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and former athletes Ray Leonard and Bruce Jenner on the 14-member Council on Physical Fitness and Sports formed last month by Wilson.

The council's mandate is to increase public awareness about physical fitness and healthy lifestyles, Cluff said.

"I'm very excited about this and have plenty of ideas about things I'd like to see get done," Cluff said. "But because we don't get any money from the state, we need to be aggressive about forming partnerships with private businesses and industries."

Cluff said she is interested in establishing programs that provide activities for inner-city youths and improve the self-esteem of children as well as have programs focusing on nutrition and fitness for the elderly.

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