City Budget Shortfall Is Topic of Meeting

The City Council tonight is expected to discuss a projected $4.2-million shortfall in the city’s 1993-94 budget.

Residents are encouraged to attend the council meeting and suggest ways to cut spending or raise more money, Mayor Molly McClanahan said.

The mayor said she hopes to give direction to the city staff at the meeting, which is the fourth in a series of public discussions on the budget.

The city staff will describe the impact of a utility tax, a citywide assessment district, a revision of the business taxes and an increase in city fees, all of which are being considered by the council to help overcome the projected shortfall.


The staff will explain the loss of property taxes to the state and the decrease in sales tax revenues. State cuts will take about $3.9 million from the city next year, according to the staff.

City spending on police, fire, libraries and other services will be detailed. Salaries and personnel benefits account for slightly more than 75% off all city spending, according to a staff study.

Under City Manager James L. Armstrong, the staff has come up with $4.2 million in possible cuts, which will be presented for council consideration. Packets of the study will be available.