One man, one burrito: The campaign brochure...

One man, one burrito: The campaign brochure of Los Angeles City Council candidate Tom Riley shows a tortilla dish buried in a messy bean-and-cheese concoction.

“School cafeteria food has a bad reputation, but our burritos were the worst,” Riley explained. “So, I ran for eighth-grade class president on a ‘ban-the-burritos’ platform. Just because we were kids didn’t mean we couldn’t fight for change.”

Surely, one of the top issues on voters’ minds in L.A. is burrito quality.

Alas, it’s too bad that Riley’s brochure also reveals a skeleton--actually, a brawny physique--in his past. It shows him in a Notre Dame football uniform in the 1980s. Isn’t it enough that the Irish have defeated USC 10 straight times? Now we have to put a Notre Dame player on L.A.'s City Council? That’s tough to swallow.


L.A., famous the world over: The Missoulian newspaper in Missoula, Mont., in an article on a smoking ban in the local county jail, noted that inmates were once allowed to buy 30 packs of cigarettes per week. Jail Capt. Mike O’Hara recalled: “The smoke was so bad in here, it looked like you were looking out at Los Angeles.”

Probably had bad burritos too.

Love, by the letters: Sara Meric, a Mensan, sent along the personals section of the high-IQ society’s newsletter, which includes the standard code letters-- M for Male, F for Female, etc.--for signing one’s ad.

There are a few more-specialized code designations too.


“Jungian personality types,” the bulletin says, “take one letter from each pair: I ntroverted/ E xtroverted; i N tuitive/ S ensory; T hinking/ F eeling; P erceiving/ J udging.”

For instance, if you are a lovelorn I ntroverted, i N tuitive, F eeling, J udging M ale, you would sign your ad INFJM. And, remember, if you get a reply, try to guard against making a Freudian slip on the first date.

Camel country?Jim Stott snapped the accompanying photo in a Westlake Village development, which warns drivers of something--we’re not quite sure what--ahead.

How about the color of his eyes?Still no clues as to the identity of one unnamed figure in the Woody Allen-Mia Farrow case. Farrow testified that a “former husband” of hers had offered to break Allen’s legs. But the court blocked her from revealing which ex-spouse it was: former L.A. Philharmonic conductor Andre Previn or singer Frank Sinatra.


Living up to its name, the Temporary Contemporary Museum in Little Tokyo will be closed for several months because of construction in the area.