Live--from Jurassic Park!"Dinosaurs are coming back, and...

Live--from Jurassic Park!"Dinosaurs are coming back, and they're better than ever," gushed "Entertainment Tonight" co-host Mary Hart the other night--just as a photo of soon-to-be-90 Bob Hope appeared on the screen. Thanks for the memories, Mary.


How about one that says "Stop Visual Pollution"? A West L.A.-based consumer group is trying to ground a plan by an Atlanta company to orbit ads on mile-long billboards.

"Save Our Skies--Ban Billboards in Space" is the cry of the California Public Interest Research Group, which has held press conferences in more than a dozen cities, proposing a boycott of products advertised by Space Marketing Inc. of Atlanta.

Space Marketing, which says the billboards would be "visible throughout the world with the naked eye," claims they would "actually help the environment" because they would also carry "ozone-reading sensors" to monitor the Earth's ozone layer.

"It's just a horrifying idea," countered CALPIRG's Wendy Wendlandt. "Imagine you're on the side of a mountain or at the beach all alone and you look up and see the moon and the stars and a beer ad."


Blatant net-ism? Despite what its press release indicates, the Encino Chamber of Commerce isn't charging extra for tennis players wishing to attend a candidates' forum for the City Council's 3rd District (see excerpt). The sports reference was supposed to be in a different release, a spokeswoman explained. Tennis players are welcome at the forum, as long as they don't dress like Andre Agassi.


List of the Day: Some of the suggestions phoned in by listeners in response to a query by XTRA sports radio host Jim Rome.



3--Bottles of suntan lotion

4--Blond wigs

5--Toy surfboards

The query: What Southern California-type product should be designated as the official item to throw on the ice after Kings' wins?


And the result? After the Kings' big playoff win Thursday night, a fan threw a squid on the playing surface.

The offering of an octopus or a squid on such occasions is a tradition dating to the early days of the National Hockey League when the creature's number of arms (eight) represented the number of wins needed to gain the title.

Neither one seems appropriate for L.A. Better something with a touch of Hollywood--a starfish, perhaps.


Great campaign slogans of our time: "Two Toilets in Every Garage," proclaims the mysterious sign propped on the back of a vintage white Cadillac in the Mid-City area. The owner says the sign is a takeoff on old campaign slogans and translated it to mean that if Richard Riordan is elected mayor, he'll "clean up" the city.

At least the message isn't on an orbiting billboard.


Charles Ara, the priest who married Holmby Hills' most eligible bachelor, Hugh Hefner, to Kimberley Conrad in 1989, will speak at the Hollywood Rotary Club Tuesday. The title: "Love: From the Vatican to the Playboy Mansion."

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