Woman Hospitalized After Back-Yard Pool Accident : Injury: The 35-year-old, who reportedly was waiting to take a swimming lesson at a Garden Grove home, was found at the bottom of the pool, police say.


A 35-year-old woman who reportedly was waiting to take a morning swimming lesson here Tuesday was in the intensive care unit of a local hospital after she was discovered at the bottom of a pool.

Hyun Park was found shortly after 10 a.m. Tuesday by another woman who was preparing to go swimming at the house in the 12000 block of Valencia Way.

Garden Grove police said Park had gone to the house for swimming lessons, and while waiting for the instructor to arrive, had gone into the back-yard pool to warm up. Ten minutes later, she was found in an area of the pool seven feet deep, Sgt. Paul McInerny said.

The woman was rushed to AMI Medical Center of Garden Grove. Hospital spokeswoman Marlene Burnett said Park was in critical condition.

Kyu Yi, who owns the house with his wife, said he teaches swimming at several locations, including Holiday Spas, but also teaches friends at his home for free. He said he is certified by the Red Cross to teach swimming.

Garden Grove city officials said teaching swimming at one's home as a business would be illegal.

Neighbors said Yi's fully enclosed pool is used all day, and that he often can be heard shouting instructions.

Yi said he could not explain the circumstances surrounding the accident, but suggested the woman may have had a heart attack. He said he was in Los Angeles at the time of the accident.

It was not clear why Park was there if Yi was not at home.

Police had no other details of the accident Tuesday, but neighbors in the Garden Grove neighborhood described the commotion when Park was found.

A woman was getting ready to enter the pool when she saw Park on the bottom and ran to neighbors for help.

James Yoon, a construction worker at work on a home across the street, ran to the Yi house.

Yoon said he isn't much of a swimmer but "this was an emergency," and he dived in and brought Park to the surface. Although he didn't know resuscitation techniques, Yoon pushed on her stomach, which was filled with water, he said.

A neighbor, who asked not to be identified, said Yoon and another neighbor tried to resuscitate Park.

The neighbor said Yi was not at home but that his wife, Eun Ja, was.

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