BASEBALL DAILY REPORT : DODGERS : As a Prankster, Reed is Always Active

Second baseman Jody Reed had been back with the club only one day and he was already stirring it up in the clubhouse.

The victim? Mike Piazza.

Reed drew two pictures of Piazza on a couple of pages of notebook paper--one of a smiling Piazza and one of a frowning Piazza. Under the smiling Piazza he wrote "4-4" under the brooding Piazza he wrote "0-4." Under it all he wrote: "Will the real Mike Piazza please stand up?"

Reed hung it up in Piazza's locker Tuesday before the game and, next to it, highlighted a quote of Piazza's from a Philadelphia newspaper saying that no matter how things go on the field, he was still the same guy.

Reed, who has been on the disabled list since June 16 with a partial ligament tear in his left elbow, said he probably won't play until the Dodgers' first game after the All-Star break.


Pedro Astacio had two successful sacrifice bunts in Tuesday's game, but one of his successful at-bats won't make the box score. In the second inning, while swinging away, he kept fouling off pitches into the Phillies' dugout. The Phillies got up and cleared the bench until he had finished his at-bat, then returned to the dugout.


Since Eric Karros was put into the fourth spot in the batting order, he has batted .410 (16 for 39) with seven runs scored and six runs batted in 10 games. . . . Negotiations with the Dodgers' No. 1 draft pick, Darren Dreifort, continue, but there remains a big gap. Dreifort is in Anchorage, Alaska, playing in a summer league.

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