‘Jurassic Park’ Gobbles Up Foreign Box-Office Records : Movies: In Japan, weekend totals hit $8.4 million; it’s grossed $32.4 million on international market.


Just as it has disposed of box-office records in the United States, director-producer Steven Spielberg’s “Jurassic Park” is chomping them up in Japan.

The dinosaur horror movie soared to a record $8.4 million in ticket sales in 237 theaters on Saturday and Sunday.

That surpassed “Back to the Future Part II,” which had held the record in Japan since 1989, when it grossed $4.5 million in 153 theaters.


The record numbers, reported Monday by “Jurassic Park” distributor Universal Pictures and its overseas partner United International Pictures, are becoming a familiar refrain. Virtually everywhere it opens, “Jurassic Park” breaks records.

The film, which had the biggest opening weekend ever in the United States and Canada, June 11-13, has grossed $255.7 million in the United States and Canada to date. It was the fastest film to break the $100-million and $200-million milestones.

In the international market, it has grossed $32.4 million, more than half of that during the just-completed weekend.

The opening three days in Great Britain produced records as well. The three-day total was $7.4 million on 434 screens, besting the previous champ, “Batman Returns,” by nearly half.

In Mexico, the opening three days brought in just shy of $3 million.

United International Pictures estimated the movie is now showing on 900 screens around the world. Several major markets, including Germany, Australia and France, will not see the film until the fall.