VENTURA : $190,000 Proposed to Study Desalting Plant

The Ventura City Council will consider today whether to spend another $190,000 in addition to $200,000 already spent on studies for the city's proposed desalination plant.

The council in January hired Boyle Engineering Corp. to manage the project, and has already spent money on preliminary studies and planning. When the contract was negotiated, it was unknown how many subcontractors Boyle Engineering would hire, and it was understood that more money may be needed later, said Everett Millais, director of community development.

"This is not a surprise," Millais said. "This is so we can get everything ready for the environmental impact report."

In an advisory vote last November, Ventura residents voted 55% to 45% to build a desalination plant instead of importing water from Northern California.

Project manager Glenn McPherson of Boyle Engineering said environmental studies are scheduled to begin next year, and the plant is expected to be ready in 1997.

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