CAMARILLO : Council Approves Anti-Graffiti Law

The Camarillo City Council gave final approval Wednesday to a tough anti- graffiti law that will make it a crime for juveniles to carry graffiti-making tools after curfew.

The law, which also outlaws graffiti on any public or private building, fence or structure, goes into effect Oct. 9.

While the ordinance bans juveniles from possessing felt pens, spray paint and glass etching tools between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., it also allows the city to charge parents for the removal of graffiti created by their children.

The ordinance regulates the sale of graffiti-making material by requiring shop owners to limit access to graffiti instruments like spray paint and indelible markers to employees.


Shops also will be required to post a notice informing the public of the state law that forbids the sale of any graffiti instrument to a minor who is not accompanied by a parent or guardian.

To discourage the spread of more graffiti, the law also allows the city manager to give property owners 48 hours to remove graffiti on their property, or pay the city for its removal.

City Manager J. William Little cited the rising cost of graffiti removal as evidence of the need for the ordinance. Camarillo spent $62,792 to fight graffiti in 1992, compared to $46,054 the year before, he said.