Libby Slate is a frequent contributor to TV Times and Calendar

With summer on the wane, you would be mistaken to think that soaps will lose their sizzle come fall.


“All My Children”: Many twists concern Tad and Brooke, Dixie and Ted, and Edmund and Maria. Jack may affect Erica’s relationship with Dimitri. Will pregnant Mimi choose Lucas or Derek? New character Julia comes to town.

“General Hospital”: Mac and Felicia investigate a murder. Will Scotty heed Lucy’s warnings about Katherine? Jagger’s broken heart may be mended by the reuniting of his family--or by Brenda.


“Loving”: Shana and Leo anxiously await their baby’s birth. Ava finds herself caught between two men. A mysterious woman haunts Buck’s dreams. Tess traps another Alden in her web. Trucker and Angie worry about Angie.

“One Life to Live”: Luna and Max’s wedding plans are jeopardized by the return of someone from Luna’s past, while Clint and Dorian threaten Viki and Sloan’s pending marriage. Can Suede heal Marty’s wounds with his love? How will Cord, Tina, Cain and Angela ultimately pair up?


“As the World Turns”: There’s a surprise in store when the identity of Neal’s killer is uncovered. Connor must come to terms with her unresolved feelings for Linc. Holden decides that Lily is worth fighting for. Jason moves to Oakdale trying to win Iva from John.


“The Bold and the Beautiful”: Newly powerful Brooke forces the Forresters to make changes in their company, while facing romantic pressures from Connor. Sheila teams up with Brooke against Stephanie, who in turn becomes a formidable opponent for Sally.

“Guiding Light”: Harley and Mallet’s wedding leads to a surprise. David and Kat’s troubles are far from over. Look for a twist in the Dylan/Julie/Hart/Bridget story. Buzz’s past is revealed. The fight for Spaulding heats up, especially with Alexandra’s return.

“The Young and the Restless”: Victor’s return to Genoa City has a far-reaching impact. Victoria and Cole’s romance is threatened by Cole’s mother. How will Lillie’s “illness” affect Drucilla and Olivia? Ryan proposes to Nina.



“Another World”: Ian’s search for the truth about his father’s death causes fireworks for many. Is Carl playing games with Rachel and Lorna?

“Days of Our Lives”: The Bo-Carly-Billie triangle resolves, while Billie’s secret blows up when there is a murder. The murder investigation uncovers long-kept intrigues. The return of two DeMera family members creates havoc for John, Kristin, Roman and Marlena.