Camarillo : Federal Scientists to Assist Schools

Scientists from the federal Minerals Management Service will work with student teachers in Ventura County schools to develop programs aimed at sparking children’s interest in math and the sciences, officials said Tuesday.

The county superintendent of schools and the MMS, which manages the nation’s natural resource reserves, announced the agreement at federal agency’s Camarillo regional office.

The MMS regional office “recognizes the importance of using scientists to provide students with career role models,” said director Dr. J. Lisle Reed, “and to identify how scientific and technical information is integrated into real-life situations.”

Under the program, Ventura County schoolchildren will be taught where and how natural gas and oil are found and developed, as well as the geological processes at work in the Santa Barbara Channel, Reed said.


MMS scientists will also work with the student teachers to develop elementary and high school curricula involving geology, engineering, environmental sciences and other resource management concerns.

“In this program, both parties win,” Supt. Charles Weis said. “Interns learn from their business experience and businesses gain from teachers’ expertise.”