One Team’s Juvenile Delinquent Is Another Team’s Poster Boy

This falls in the category of boys will be boys.

“It was a stupid thing to do,” Jeanne Lemcke told the New York Times, referring to the action of her 15-year-old son, Aaron, who ran onto the field Saturday at Yankee Stadium and nullified what would have been the final out of a 3-1 Boston victory.

“But I really don’t like some of the news media calling my son a jerk.”

Because the Yankees rallied to win, 4-3, the Red Sox probably used an even harsher word to describe Aaron.


Trivia time: Who holds the USC record for rushing in a game?

Going, going . . .: Chris Mortensen of the Sporting News called for the firing of Atlanta Coach Jerry Glanville before the Falcons lost to the San Francisco 49ers, dropping their record to 0-3.

“Oh, they need to fire Glanville, all right,” Mortensen wrote. “But when?”

Dot on the map: Florida Marlin pitcher David Weathers, on his hometown of Five Points, Tenn:


“Daniel Boone would have a tough time finding this place. The population is about 250. That’s counting the pregnant people twice.”

Fill ‘er up: New York Giant Coach Dan Reeves is aware how tough the New York media can be.

“Hopefully, if a tabloid runs a photo of me with a gas gauge superimposed over my forehead pointing to empty (as happened to previous Coach Ray Handley), I’ll have the good sense to grab some paste and paper and come in the next day wearing a fuel gauge pointing to ‘full.’ ”

Because the Giants are 3-0, the New York tabloids are laying off--for now.


Help: Umpire Durwood Merrill, who called balls and strikes during a 4-hour 12-minute game played by Detroit and Toronto last week:

“I’m hurting. There’s not enough Advil in Texas to help me now.”

Improved aroma: How much does the return of Emmitt Smith mean to the Dallas Cowboys?

Michael Wilbon of the Washington Post said it succinctly: “Without Emmitt Smith the Cowboys are Tampa Bay. They stink.”


The Pitts: When Virginia Tech gained 675 yards against Pittsburgh on Sept. 11 in a 63-21 victory, the Hokies broke a record that had stood for almost 50 years.

“The legendary 1944 Army team that featured (future) Heisman Trophy winners Glenn Davis and Doc Blanchard was able to gain ‘only’ 647 yards against Pitt,” wrote Bob Smizik of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Pitt fared better last Saturday, giving up 502 yards in a 63-28 loss to Ohio State.

Remember when? Dave Winfield of the Minnesota Twins after playing his final game in Cleveland Stadium: “This was a nice place in the 1920s, when I was starting out.”


Trivia answer: Ricky Bell, with 347 against Washington State in 1976.

Quotebook: Richard Pound, treasurer of the International Olympic Committee, on China’s bid to host the 2000 Summer Games: “If we waited until a country qualifies for sainthood, no one would make it.”