Sanitation Bureau's Plan Is a Nightmare

* The article on septic tank waste (Sept. 12) was most revealing and very frightening.

What type of mentalities do we have holding down plush bureaucratic jobs in Los Angeles?

The sneaky way the Bureau of Sanitation pulled off this stunt is certainly as underhanded as one can get. Ninety to 200 trucks a day coming into the Sepulveda Basin!

This is a flood control basin. What will happen during the rainy months? Think about it. This basin is closed to all traffic during floods. What happens to the sewage at this time?

An environmental impact report would consider alternatives to this nightmare of a plan. I trust that the public will wake up and say "Stop!" to this foolhardy venture.


North Hollywood

Crime Has Transformed L.A. Into a War Zone

* Enough is enough.

How many more children must watch their mothers and fathers shot down in the streets of Los Angeles? Where are the lawmakers--busy hustling support for pet projects?

It is time we, the people, demand action, such as mandatory life imprisonment for carjackers who kill. Or follow-home robbers that kill or injure citizens.

Any ex-felon caught with a firearm should be put away for at least 20 years.

If this sounds harsh, think of the North Hills son living with seeing his mother executed in front of him.

The alternative is to arm yourselves. Then society will revert to the Wild West, and God forbid the possibilities that could occur.

No wonder that people are leaving Los Angeles.

Who wants to lock themselves in after the sun sets to become prisoners of the criminal element?

I say let's all do something about this war zone hiding under the name of Los Angeles.


West Hills

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