SHERMAN OAKS : Chamber Donates Book Set to Library

City Councilman Zev Yaroslavsky on Monday presented the Sherman Oaks Public Library with a set of Americana Encyclopedias paid for by the Sherman Oaks Chamber of Commerce.

Funds for the set were raised in the 1992 Sherman Oaks street fair.

“This is what a community private-public partnership is all about,” Yaroslavsky said of the donation. “And budget cuts make this partnership all the more important.”

Jim Giorgio, executive director of the chamber, said the library seemed like the ideal recipient for the gift.


“With the cutbacks that are happening, they need all the help they can get,” Giorgio said. “And they told us this was something they needed.”

Branch librarian Judy Sanchez said because the library must buy a new set of encyclopedias every year, the donation frees available funds for other purchases.

“This money will buy a lot of separate titles,” Sanchez said. “Without it, we’d have to do without in important areas like history and science.”