Malibu : Wildlife Rescue Center

A wildlife rescue group has announced plans to build a rehabilitation center in Malibu for sick and injured sea mammals.

The Marine and Mountain Wildlife Rescue Station hopes to raise $70,000 through private donations to build the facility, said Dennis Kahn, a group spokesman. Construction is expected to begin in February.

The facility will house pools and holding pens for seals, sea lions and dolphins, as well as office space on property leased from the Malibu Bay Co. at 23431 Pacific Coast Highway, Kahn said. The nearby Malibu Animal Hospital will help volunteers care for the animals, he said.

Volunteers established the 24-hour nonprofit rescue service a year ago, and it was recently authorized by the city of Malibu to take over responsibility for the rescue of marine and mountain wildlife from Los Angeles County.


The group responded to more than 350 calls involving injured and beached marine mammals last winter and spring, Kahn said. The peak season for sea mammal rescues is winter.

Information: (310) 457-9453.