Disneyland Says It Will Reduce Admission to $22

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In an effort to boost attendance during a traditionally slow time of year, Disneyland announced Sunday that it will trim admission prices by $8 for adults and $2 for children who live in Southern California for the next 8 1/2 months.

Starting Friday and continuing through June 30, 1994, admission will be $22 for residents who live from Santa Barbara to the Mexican border.

The price reductions will not be in effect from Dec. 26 through 31. It is only the third time in Disneyland’s 38-year history that it has reduced entrance fees, officials said.


“This unprecedented commitment to our Southern California friends and neighbors is our way of showing our appreciation for their endorsement and support of Disneyland,” said Jack Lindquist, the park’s president.

More than 50% of the people who visit the park annually are from Southern California, said Scott Swan, a Disneyland spokesman.

Swan said that the promotion was done, in part, to increase attendance during slow fall and winter months. He denied, however, that it was linked to California’s lingering economic recession.

“Our attendance has been exceptional this year,” he said. Disney officials declined to discuss attendance figures.

The price reduction will be in effect longer than the park’s two previous “Residents Salute” promotions in 1991 and 1992 when the prices were cut to $20 for about 3 1/2 months. The admission prices were not cut last year because attendance at the park remained high after the opening of Mickey’s Toontown.

Under the Disneyland program, any adult can buy up to eight tickets after presenting a driver’s license or other identification, such as a utility bill, which shows residency in Southern California ZIP codes 90000 through 93599.


Since 1982, Disneyland has raised its admission prices about a dozen times. The most recent increase occurred in June when adult prices went from $28.75 to $30 and prices for children ages 3 to 11 were increased a dollar to $24.

A spokesman from Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park said Knott’s is tentatively planning to reduce its prices for Southern California residents by the beginning of next year. Currently, prices at Knott’s are $19.95 for adults and $15.95 for children.

Knott’s spokesman Bob Ochsner said he did not think Disney’s selected lower price would impact Knott’s Berry Farm. He added that he thought Disney was lowering some of its prices because, like all tourist attractions, the weak economy is hurting business.