White Guys Can't Lose

Screenwriter L. M. Kit Carson made a statement in the Nov. 7 Film Clips about his Texas filmmaking proteges and it rankled, not only because of its mildly racist quality but also because of its sheer stupidity: "(It's) a report from a generation and a culture--white, middle-class, twenty-something--we haven't heard very much from." Haven't heard very much from! Who else writes Hollywood movies?

Chris Columbus, also featured in that issue, rose to power as a white, middle-class twenty-something. Shane Black sold his first million-dollar screenplay as a white, middle-class twenty-something. Steven Spielberg began his career as a white, middle-class twentysomething. All those top film school grads "rushed" by the agencies are, for the most part, white, middle-class twenty-somethings.

Whatever the reasons for Carson's statement, it does give a clue as to why most Hollywood product looks, feels and sounds the same.


Los Angeles


With all the sex and violence escalating in movies and on TV these days, it's good to know that there is someone out there like Chris Columbus who is making movies with a brighter sense of hope and promise for our future. More power to you!



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