Boy’s Attorney Seeks Court Order for Jackson’s Records : Lawsuit: Lawyer wants to force the singer to provide information about his young guests. Pop star’s attorneys cite criminal investigation and privacy rights for his refusal to answer questions.


Superstar Michael Jackson has refused to answer questions from the attorney for the 13-year-old boy who has accused the singer of sexually molesting him, prompting the attorney to seek a court order.

In documents filed with the Superior Court in Santa Monica on Thursday, attorney Larry Feldman complained that Jackson’s refusal to answer the attorney’s written questions and to provide hundreds of documents he requested reflects a pattern of costly “stonewalling at every opportunity” in an attempt to delay proceedings in the civil suit.

Feldman is seeking a court order to compel Jackson to provide the information. He also wants the singer to pay $8,470, an amount Feldman said his law firm has spent on its efforts to get information from Jackson.

A Jan. 14 hearing has been set for Feldman’s motion. The trial is scheduled to begin March 21.


Jackson’s attorneys contend that there are several legitimate reasons for his refusal, including a pending criminal investigation of the boy’s allegations of molestation.

Among the answers and documents sought by Feldman are the names, addresses and telephone numbers of anyone under 18 who was a guest during the past 10 years at Jackson’s Neverland Valley Ranch, work records of his employees, and tapes and documents related to work on the case by private investigator Anthony Pellicano.

Meanwhile, the elusive entertainer was reported to be visiting Treasure Island in Las Vegas in the company of the hotel and theme park’s owner, Steve Wynn.