‘Day One’s’ Battle

The recent “Day One” (ABC) documentary on the battle of the Ia Drang Valley in 1965 was superb. It should be mandatory, repeated viewing for anyone who wants to participate in warfare.

John Pritchard, San Clemente

‘Death’ Has Color

In the TV Times’ listings for Jan. 21, the movie “Scared to Death” on Channel 69 is listed as “colorized.” It actually was shot and released in color when it was made in 1947, making it the only color film of co-star Bela Lugosi’s and the only American horror film of that year.


Michael Snider, Cheviot Hills

Discrimination in ‘Birdland’?

I watched “Birdland” (ABC), a new series that premiered on Jan. 5, on the basis of Howard Rosenberg’s favorable review of the show (Calendar, Jan. 5). Once again, an older actor (Brian Dennehy) is cast with a much younger actress to play his girlfriend, who also plays a doctor, so she cannot be in the relationship for financial reward. I’m thoroughly disgusted by this ongoing discrimination against mature women.

J. Porru Green, Anaheim


High Marks for ‘City’

In my opinion, “Tales of the City” (PBS) deserves an A-Plus for guts and artistry.

Sonia Cauci, Norwalk

Loving Luke and Laura

I would like to say thank you for the front cover (Jan. 2) of Luke and Laura. I started watching them when I was in first grade. I’m now a college sophomore. They are the best.

Louis Lopez, Moorpark