FAMILY : Carting Kiddies and Groceries


Most of us have witnessed the incessant whining of a child who has been unwillingly dragged to the supermarket. Grocery shopping to a youngster seems boring, confining and endless.

These tips can make the trip easier.

* Know what you need to buy and stick to it.

* Know the store’s layout. That way you can go straight to what you need and avoid wasting time.

* Feed your child before leaving home or have a snack on hand; some stores have bakeries that will give a free cookie.


* Tuck away a small toy for that moment when the candy in the checkout line (if a candy-less checkout is unavailable) is tempting.

* Let your child help by loading items into the cart and putting them on the counter during check-out.

* Make your children feel that they are an important part of shopping. Talk your child through the trip: “Now we’re going to get the pasta on Aisle 3. Which one should we buy?” Or have them help out by choosing coupon items.

* Save major shopping for a time when you can go alone.