Gang Stage Fare

We applaud Tim Robbins and his ambitious Actors' Gang. But after reading about the opening attraction, we worry if it isn't as pretentious as the strategically torn jeans he wears in the accompanying photo ("A Gang of His Own," by Barbara Isenberg, March 13).

How wonderful if this talented group were to perform classical theater--a treat rarely available to L.A. audiences.

The decision, however, to rethink the classic plays with such "amusing" anachronisms as Electra receiving astrological advice by phone sounds exactly like the sort of precious "genius thinking" found in Hollywood development meetings. Do the classics need such adornments? If so adorned, are they classics anymore or simply dressed-up skits from "Saturday Night Live"?

How about a classical Greek play without all the "improvements"? It's ultimately a braver move.


Los Angeles

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