Suspects in Lancaster Slayings Arrested


Two men suspected in a Lancaster double slaying have been arrested in connection with another killing in Florida, Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies reported Sunday.

Deputies from the Saint Lucie County, Fla., Sheriff’s Department arrested Harry Jackson Boyd, 26, and Terry Tyrone Evans, 18, both of Lancaster, Friday in West Palm Beach and booked them as suspects in a slaying there, said Deputy Diane Hecht of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Hecht said she had no details of the Florida slaying. She said Florida deputies used the National Crime Information Center, a nationwide computer network, to identify the men as suspects in the Lancaster killings.

Hecht said homicide investigators are expected to contact the district attorney’s Antelope Valley office today and seek an extradition order to bring the suspects back to California.


In the Lancaster slayings, Ronald Greene, 22, of Upland and Latonya Walker, 23, of Ontario were shot to death as they sat in a car outside the Antelope Valley Apartments in the 43400 block of 32nd Street West, authorities said.

Homicide investigators earlier said that Evans, who sat with Boyd in the back seat, shot Greene once in the back of the head because he was armed.

Walker jumped out of the car and ran, but Boyd caught her about 15 feet from the car. Evans then walked over and shot the woman as she begged for her life, authorities said.

Evans then dropped the gun, a semiautomatic pistol, and walked with Boyd to a car driven by a third man, who is still at large.


The motive for the slayings appears to be robbery, because Greene was in possession of about $4,500 in cash at the time of the killing. Hecht said the suspects apparently searched his body but found no money because it was hidden in Greene’s clothing. Authorities later determined that about $4,000 of the cash was counterfeit.

In a related incident, Candi Lea Culberson, a coroner’s investigator, was sentenced to 90 days in jail after pleading no contest to a charge that she stole some of the money from Greene’s body. She admitted the theft and resigned her job.