SIMI VALLEY : Traffic Light Planned Near Site of Crash

Simi Valley officials agreed Monday to install a traffic light at an intersection near the Metrolink station where a police cruiser slammed into a nurse's car two weeks ago and caused injuries that left her in a coma.

City engineers said there had never been a crash at the intersection, but they recommended installing the light a year ago because of the increasing number of cars passing and stopping at the station.

The engineers estimate that 19,700 cars move through the intersection in a 24-hour period, and that the light will cost $100,000 to install--$11,500 of which will be paid by the city and $88,500 by federal gas taxes.

After several neighbors of Madera Elementary School complained of people speeding in the school zone, the council also agreed to install a flashing yellow light at the nearby crosswalk.

In addition to the light, engineers proposed installing a light at Alamo Street and Texas Avenue and improving signals at half a dozen other crossroads. The council approved the list of lights by a 5-0 vote.

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