Countywide : Anxiety Disorder Screening Available

A nationwide effort to heighten awareness about anxiety disorders comes to Orange County this week with a free screening day.

The Neuropsychiatric Center at the UCI Medical Center will offer a free educational presentation and screening for anxiety disorders on Wednesday at 7 p.m., sponsored by the Anxiety Disorders Assn. of America, the Obsessive Compulsive Foundation and Freedom from Fear.

UCI Medical Center officials say symptoms of potential anxiety disorders include persistent worrying; unexpected panic attacks; doing things over and over again such as checking, counting or washing; feeling nervous or tense much of the time, and avoiding situations such as heights or elevators.

The presentation will include a review with a mental health professional.

UCI Medical Center is at 101 The City Drive in Orange. For more information about the screening day, call (714) 456-5902.

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