Pop of Fame: We mentioned that the...

Pop of Fame: We mentioned that the removal of some stars from the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Metro Rail construction had prompted calls from far-flung reporters who thought the attraction was being discontinued.

It's not, of course. But other celebrity patches seem to be stealing the limelight from Hollywood of late.

The Fargo, N.D., Walk of Fame inducted Abigail (Dear Abby) Van Buren over the weekend.

And the shocker was the news that the Chula Vista Walk of Fame outside a theater complex had snared a luminary whose star may well elevate the San Diego-area landmark over the Hollywood Walk:

Popcorn idol Orville Redenbacher.


Our favorite type of food: Douglas Clark spotted a menu item that seemed most likely to appeal to two-legged members of the family.

Anti-Menendez fund-raiser report: During a yard sale at the Insight Shooting Range in Artesia, KFI-AM radio's John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou raised $3,920 to aid L.A. County's prosecution of the Beverly Hills bros.

The talk show hosts are trying to persuade Dist. Atty. Gil Garcetti to accept the money for the murder retrial. Garcetti has refused handouts ever since it was learned that his office had accepted an earlier $50 check from a Chicago attorney for the same purpose.

Kobylt said that the items contributed by listeners for the yard sale included a $75 lamp whose base was a mannequin leg attired in a red high-heel shoe and fishnet stocking. "The ugliest, tackiest thing you ever saw," he said proudly.


Club Ham: It sounds like the plot of a sitcom, but Club Med took out an ad in the Hollywood Reporter to announce it is holding a weeklong camp for "struggling, starving actors" in Sonora, Mexico.

The thespians get to mingle with "celebrities, casting directors, agents and managers" and take part in a show "where three grand prize walk-on parts on 'Baywatch' will be awarded."

Cost: $899 (which seems a bit high for "struggling, starving actors").


For your Southern California insults file: Richard DeAtley's history of Long Beach mentions a 1903 visit by a Navy contingent, whose commanding officer told a reporter that the city's bay was "admirably suited to naval maneuvers, and especially target practice and . . . would be frequently used for such purposes."

Here's a plan that deserves reconsideration. Finally--a patriotic way to get rid of the Queen Mary!


Identity crisis: Bette Henning writes: "My mailing address is Redondo Beach. My legal map address is Torrance. My community name is Riviera Village. My condominium name is Village Palos Verdes."

Well, hang in there, Henning, wherever you are.


Sun Valley-based DeLorean World magazine is inviting owners of the ill-fated luxury jalopy of the early 1980s to submit recipes for a projected DeLorean Gourmet Cookbook. Lemon dishes would seem the most appropriate.

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