FULLERTON : 2 Forums on Recall Issues Scheduled

The hot topic for voters in the city is the June 7 recall election, the first-ever in the city's history, with the mayor, two council members and the city clerk facing ouster.

The League of Women Voters of North Orange County is having two forums on the issues in the recall, and the public is invited to attend and ask questions.

The first forum will be Wednesday at Troy High School, 2200 E. Dorothy Lane.

Another will be May 31 at Sunny Hills High School, 1801 Warburton Way. Both will begin at 7 p.m.

At the forums, speaking in favor of the recall of Mayor A.B. (Buck) Catlin, City Clerk Anne M. York and council members Molly McClanahan and Don Bankhead will be Fullerton Recalls Committee co-chairman Thomas S. Babcock and treasurer Bruce Whitaker.

McClanahan and former Mayor Dick Ackerman will speak against the recall.

The recall effort began last July when the City Council voted 3 to 2 in favor of an unpopular 2% tax on water, telephone, electricity, natural gas and cable television bills, despite objections from hundreds of residents.

Catlin, McClanahan and Bankhead voted for the tax. Council members Julie Sa and Chris Norby voted against it.

York became a recall target when she allegedly delayed the recall process by rejecting petitions against the three council members, officials said.

"These forums will help people decide whether they want any or all the (four officials) to be recalled," said Marian Schain, a league spokeswoman. "This is really a pretty big issue in Fullerton."

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