BASEBALL DAILY REPORT : ANGELS : Marlins Are Interested in J.T. Snow

The Florida Marlins are interested in acquiring J.T. Snow.

The Angels have told other teams that they're only interested in obtaining pitchers for Snow, so if the Marlins make a proposal, the Angels will have solid information on which to base a decision.

New Manager Marcel Lachemann, who was Florida's pitching coach until a week ago, knows the Marlin pitching prospects better than anyone in the organization.


Pitcher Frank Tanana, who was released by the Angels in spring training, visited his former teammates for the first time and told them his baseball career is over.

"It feels strange being at home this time of year, but it's kind of nice," Tanana said. "I think I'm going to enjoy this."


Manager Sparky Anderson of the Detroit Tigers said he'll never forget the advice former Angel manager Gene Mauch gave him on opening day 24 years ago, and believes that Mauch belongs in the Hall of Fame.

"It was opening day in 1970 when Gene Mauch tugged on my pants and said, 'Remember this day, because you'll never have that day again,' "Anderson said. "I've lived by that my whole career.

"I respect Gene Mauch more than any manager I've ever known. There's never been a manager so intense and so knowledgeable at the same time."

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