Actress Enters Plea in Robbery Case


Actress Victoria Sellers, daughter of the late actor Peter Sellers and a confidante of accused madam Heidi Fleiss, has pleaded not guilty to charges of receiving property allegedly stolen during an armed robbery spree, authorities said Thursday.

Appearing in Van Nuys Municipal Court late Wednesday, Sellers, 29, denied the single felony count and was released on her own recognizance.

Sellers was linked to stolen jewelry that police found when they searched the Northridge home Sellers shares with talent director Don Gibble, 24. Gibble was also charged with receiving stolen property.

Police arrested Oscar Andres Lopez, 18, and John Anthony Zapata, 20, charging them in the armed robberies and with attempted murder. Lopez and Zapata were at the house, police said, at the time of the search.

Lopez was recently also charged with murder in the 1992 stabbing of a Taft High School student. That case is being tried in Juvenile Court because at the time of the stabbing, he was a minor.

Sellers is scheduled to appear in court again June 10 for a preliminary hearing, but prosecutors said this proceeding will probably be delayed.

Sellers was cited last August when Beverly Hills police stopped a car in which she was a passenger and found about an ounce of marijuana in her purse.

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