Bathed in Memories

We found many similarities between our experience with Turkish baths and that of Patricia Beeson ("Turkish Bathos," May 15). Ours, however, was in Kusadasi, Turkey, and apparently was a more pleasant, more sanitary experience.

The domed room with the center platform and the basin-lined walls were similar, and the bathing-massaging routine sounded the same. However, we did not have to share the room with 200 Turkish women nor frolicking rodents; we had it to ourselves. We each had a male masseur who was appropriately attired and who gave a bath-massage of appropriate intensity and thoroughness. We were provided a modicum of modesty.

Afterward, we were provided with clean Turkish towels and allowed to dress at leisure in changing booths that lacked any Twain-like "rusty old mattresses." In short, it was a very unique and pleasant experience.


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