Strawberry Provides Wonderful Memories

When the Giants signed him, ESPN baseball announcers said, "Darryl Strawberry can carry a team." Recently, Brett Butler said the same thing.

Darryl Strawberry couldn't carry a team if he owned a bus.




I fail to see the irony of Darryl Strawberry playing for someone against the Dodgers. Was he ever an asset to the Dodgers? No, he was just there, playing halfheartedly for fewer than half the games that he was with the Dodgers.

His accomplishments? Hmmm, he let down a city full of fans who wanted desperately to see him succeed in his homecoming. We were even willing to lower our standards and support him had he been merely mediocre. But, alas, it was not to be.

I prefer to think of Darryl as an ex-Met, since he never really was a Dodger to me.


San Diego


Yo, Darryl. Next time you feel the urge to start whining about the pressure of playing in L.A. and New York (as in "It'll be good to play in San Francisco, away from all the pressure"), think about this: They could have traded you to Colombia.


Los Angeles

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