Trash: Walnut's Opposition to Recovery Facility

Walnut residents are opposed to the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) being proposed by the City of Industry at the corner of Grand (Avenue) and Valley (Boulevard).

Walnut is surrounded on the west by the BKK Landfill and on the east by the Spadra Landfill. We believe a "fair share" approach should be made to siting trash facilities. Industry's draft environmental impact report says Industry needs capacity to handle 600 tons of trash per day, but the MRF would handle 5,700 tons per day, generate up to 3,444 vehicles per day and add 500 tons of pollutants into the air each day. The draft environmental impact report says the MRF would have 35 "significant" and "unavoidable" environmental impacts that "cannot be mitigated."

Walnut is opposed to such a massive regional facility next to homes. Walnut has asked Industry to reduce the size and relocate its MRF to an industrial area away from homes. To date, Industry has not responded to Walnut in any manner.

The Walnut City Council established a citizens task force to lead the community's opposition to this MRF, and the city has budgeted $334,000 at this time, including more than $200,000 for special legal counsel, to oppose the MRF as it is currently planned. Walnut will continue to vigorously and vehemently oppose this project by all legal means in order to protect the health and safety of our residents.


Walnut mayor

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