A WHOLE NEW WORLD: If you've always...

A WHOLE NEW WORLD: If you've always wanted to step into a Disney cartoon, get ready for your chance. This fall, guests at Disney's Epcot Center in Florida will be able to take a virtual reality trip through the world of "Aladdin" and witness a re-creation of the Glendale studio where the film was created. . . . "Our long-term goal is to have virtual reality attractions at all our parks," said John Dreyer, spokesman for the Burbank-based company.

PERFECT PASTA: Call the travel agent, and cancel that trip to Italy. You don't have to cross the ocean to find the perfect pasta. Sherman Oaks will do just as well. The restaurant is Posto, and the chef, Luciano Pellegrini, comes from northern Italy. . . . Check out the rigatoni with tomato and basil, or the linguine with fresh clams. Magazine, Page 27.

COMEBACK: After two seasons in the dark, the Padua Hills Playwrights Festival will return this week. From Thursday through Aug. 14, eight new plays will be presented at Woodbury University in Burbank. . . . The festival, a fixture since 1978, had big money problems, and fund-raising remains an issue. But it got a $25,000 grant and a new board of directors to get it back on track. Calendar, Page 8.

FLEA MARKET: That's what one courtroom at the Van Nuys courthouse has become after an infestation of fleas that refuse to be exterminated. . . . The courtroom is actually a trailer pressed into service after the Northridge earthquake, and the fleas are "everywhere," clerk Christopher Koch said. "Absolutely, positively disgusting." B1

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