Memo to HR: Skip the SG, Try the GP

Carrie-Anne Moss plays Carrie Spencer on "Models Inc." A model before becoming an actress, she has had roles on various TV series. She also sings, dances and recently appeared on stage in "Outward Bound" at the Hudson Theater.

I would like to suggest, respectfully, that TV columnist Howard Rosenberg is mixing his abbreviated metaphors'Models Inc.' Perfect for SGTV," Calendar, July 6).

To account for his admittedly having been entertained by the opening 90-minute episode of "Models Inc.," he invents the label SG--Super Garbage. It somehow excuses his having had a good time unseemly for his journalistic peerage.

Please, Mr. Rosenberg, don't let your guilt carry you away. Don't waste a perfectly good abbreviation on a popular entertainment like "Models Inc." If you are going to coin as powerful a designation as SG, let it at least apply to the very evident Super Garbage of television, the PPV (pay-per-voyeurism) tabloid press that corrupts both the minds of its viewers and the justice of the American courts with its pocketbook seduction of secrets and fabrications of any sell-all personality associated, however remotely, with the flavor-of-the-month sensation currently being exploited.

Wouldn't a catch-phrase as indelible and captivating as Super Garbage fit better on the true dumpster journalism that is fouling our channels?


If Rosenberg really wants to get to the abbreviated truth of what made him confess that he found "Models Inc." "endearing" or "amusing," despite his disapproval, how about trying GP? That's Guilty Pleasures, of course. It's a very flexible abbreviation because what might be a GP (Guilty Pleasure) for an astute Pulitzer Prize winner like Rosenberg may well be an antithetical GP (Guilt less Pleasure) to an untrained TV viewer.

Why doesn't he break down and admit that entertainment is not that shameful after all? If it can suspend people from their daily worries, remove them from the soul-searing concerns of feeding a family, divert them from that pile of bills, why waste a dandy label like SG? Let the SGs fall where they should. And admit that entertainment is one of the things the entertainment business is all about.

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