Direct Federal Quake Aid to the Truly Needy

* The July 12 interview with attorney William Streitfeld about his problem in securing funding for his apartment house demonstrates one of the major problems faced by our government.

On the one hand we voice outrage at government waste, and on the other we demand more from government than we are entitled to.

As I understand this particular situation, Mr. Streitfeld has an investment in a piece of property on which he pays no federal taxes and which he uses as a source of tax write-offs and tax-free financing for his home.

Even though he lives in an earthquake-prone community, he chose not to take responsibility for himself and did not purchase readily available earthquake insurance.


Now Mr. Streitfeld, who apparently has other sources of raising money, wants the federal government to bail him out with a low-interest loan, and he has the nerve to complain about their attitude and delay.

Unfortunately this is just one example of how “born again” believers in government’s welfare are contributing to the demise of the American Dream.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Small Business Administration programs are rightfully designed for the needy, not the greedy, and our elected representatives need to remember this.

Mr. Streitfeld states that given the condition of the building, “no lender will lend you a dime on it.” If that is true, then neither should the federal government.



Woodland Hills